Friday, 8 March 2013

Newbridge Park Tree Planting Scheme

As I hope you are aware, Newbridge Park is a fantastic local project turning a neglected wood on the outskirts of Pickering into a multi-purpose park for local people of all ages to enjoy.  Alongside the mountain bike trails and skills tracks, the woodland picnic area and footpath improvements for walkers, all completed in 2012, we are now starting to focus on improving the wood itself; actively managing it for the first time in decades, to improve its general condition, get a better mix of trees and encourage wildlife.

As part of this effort we intend to start planting new trees this year; using a generous grant provided by the Kirkby Foundation. 

To help us in our efforts we are giving you the chance to buy a tree for yourself, or perhaps a loved one, Mother day is rapidly approaching, for the sum of £10. Your tree will be planted in a piece of the woods that has been pre-cleared and should live for many years, how many times to you get the chance to put something in place that your children and perhaps your childrens' children will be able to visit and say "Great Grandad planted that".

 As part of this initiative, we are also really keen to get local children involved in our Kid’s Tree Planting Project?

The basic idea is that we would provide local schools or groups with young tree saplings, up to 50 per school/group, which would be a mix of native British trees, supplied to you before the end of March this year.  Once you get the trees, get the children to pot them up and grow them on over the summer.  Then, next winter we will arrange for the kids to bring their trees down to Newbridge Park and plant them in the wood.  The intention is that this can help connect them not only with trees and nature but also the outdoors; we’d love to see them come back year after year to see how their trees are growing in their wood 

Please contact us at for more details or to register your interest.

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